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UK Manufactured Airflow Indicator

LEV Monitor for airflow monitoring
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WHY install our LEV Monitor?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that an indicator should be fitted to all Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems to provide an indication of sufficient Air Flow.

Any LEV system installed will be designed to ensure that any airborne contaminants are safely removed, however the improper use or maintenance of such a system can cause serious health risks for anyone working in the area.

Installing an LEV Monitor makes the worry and risk of having an unsafe working environment a thing of the past.

LEV Airflow Monitor
LEV Monitor for airflow monitoring
How the LEV Monitor works icon

HOW does the LEV Monitor work?

The LEV Monitor can be supplied as either a Direct or Remote Mount solution. Fixing the monitor directly to the duct provides a compact anti-tamper solution with no accessible hoses or probes. For applications when space is limited, the Remote mount monitor can be located remotely and is provided with a duct fixing kit including a hose and spigot.

Once the LEV Monitor has been secured into place and the batteries are inserted (2x AA), a static Cross will display to indicate that calibration is complete. The LEV system should then be balanced ensuring that the air flow rates meet the minimum requirements for the specific system, and calibration is as straight forward as pressing a button.

Following calibration the LEV Monitor will display an animated Arrow, accompanied by an ultra-bright Green LED to provide assurance that the system is operating correctly and safely. If the air flow rates drop below the set threshold, the LEV Monitor will display a flashing Cross accompanied by a Red LED to advise that action needs taking!

It also comes with a built in timer to advise that the LEV system is overdue a Thorough Examination and Test (TExT). The timer can be easily adjusted to 3, 6 or 14 Months. We strongly recommend that the batteries be replaced each time the LEV system is inspected.

With a range of 2,000 Pa the LEV Monitor is suitable for use with most systems, and as an added safety feature, a minimum set point of 100 Pa is in place to ensure that the system cannot be calibrated when the LEV system is not running.

LEV Monitor animation
LEV Monitor demonstration of working animation
LEV Monitor animation
LEV Monitor for airflow monitoring

KEY benefits of the LEV Monitor?

  • UK Manufactured
  • HSG258 Compliant
  • Robust Industrial Housing
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Hinged Anti-tamper Door for Ease of Battery Replacement and Calibration
  • Remote and Direct Mount Units Available
  • Maintenance Free
  • Clear and Bold Visual Indication
  • 3 Year Warranty

LEV Monitor for airlfow monitoring
LEV Monitor for airflow monitoring

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